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Exos is a wearable shoulder assist exoskeleton designed for repetitive overhead working conditions. Exos can provide the user with dynamic supporting force for the arms, which can greatly reduce the shoulder fatigue and prevent the shoulder muscle injury.

By using carbon fiber and aviation grade aluminum alloy as the frame structure, the product is designed strong and light, which ensures rigidity and wearing comfort. The original multi-freedom design enables Exos to provide users with assistance without affecting normal movement.

Exos could be considered as a wearable dynamic arm balancer. By wearing the suit, the shoulder muscles can still be in a similar state of relaxation even the arms is lifted with empty hand or with a tool. Exos will not provide unnecessary support to the arm or cause inconvenience when the user rests their hands at hang down position or swing their arms while walking or running.

Exos can be used for most jobs that require repetitive arm lifting. For special industry applications, please contact us by Email.

Weight 2.5kg    Weight range : 45kg-100kg    Height range: 160-195cm      

Frame material:  Carbon fiber & aviation grade aluminum alloy    No power required

Flexible support frame

Inspired by human scapula, the whole frame is sitting on a flexible scapula-like base. The left & right frames are able to move accordingly & independently with the movement of human arms.

Weight Centralization

The feeling of load bearing and shoulder inertial resistance are reduced by locating The spring mechanism around the belt. The assist torque is transferred to the shoulder with Bowden Cables.

Ergonomic design

The weight of EXOS is directly transferred to the belt. Shoulder wearable parts only take the force from limiting the movement of flexible frame. The weight is evenly distributed on human body to provide comfort for long-time wearing.

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