Based on ergonomics and multi-field technology integrations, Crimson Dynamics is dedicated and experienced in developing industrial exoskeletons for specific tasks. Our design principle is to provide assistive force and protection as well as long-time wearing comfort for a variety of industrial working conditions. By creating practical and affordable exoskeletons, we are aiming at boosting the efficiency, reducing human fatigue and preventing injuries.

  • EXOS
    Shoulder assist exoskeleton
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    We at Crimson Dynamics, focus on biomechanics and designing the wearable robots for human body by researching passive, quasi-passive and active systems.

    We reshape exoskeletons to combine human and robot effectively to meet fundamental customer requirements.


    Crimson Dynamics

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    Room 906 No.32 Huo ju Rd.
    Chuang ye da sha Building B.
    Gao xin district Dalian, China

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